Having been customers of many of those companies which now form our competition, we have an understanding of what the average end user wants - and what they don't. Many suppliers of telemetry solutions offer unwieldy reporting and unattractive mapping, then there are those at the other end of the spectrum who go for style over substance. We believe end users want functionality with ease of access and use, delivered in a solution which is attractive, user friendly and one which can be tailored to their needs where necessary.

Most companies in the telemetric industry will provide a basic (feature poor) solution and force customers to pay more merely to unlock functionality which is implicit in the hardware - denying utility which could be provided at no extra cost. At Premier Tracking, we pride ourselves on taking a different stance. We provide one solution, but one which has all of the perks unlocked and available to all of our customers. Furthermore, we provide this solution at a cost which is lower than our competitor's entry level offering.

Put simply, every tracker we send to market is the premium solution.