Using our own custom built architecture (including bespoke servers and databases to capture and store all incoming data), we are able to reliably maintain the efficacy of our vehicle tracking solution. With data protection and scalability built in at every level of our hardware setup, our users can be confident that data will not be lost. The basic data flow concept can be modelled as below:

A key element which sets Premier Tracking apart from other providers is the data our trackers generate, and the way we display this data to the end user. Even the luxury packages offered by most other companies will only generate mapped GPS data once per defined period (usually every minute or every 30 seconds). Maps are then created as a series of waypoints - leaving it up to the customer to guess what may have happened between these reported positions. Some companies connect these waypoints with a line which represents a logical guess as to which roads were used between these waypoints. These assumptions however are often incorrect, leading to a loss of route accuracy - especially in urban settings.

Our solution is different - we never guess. We tailor the data generation rate to the current conditions. Motorway driving will generate less reports per mile than urban driving - while a vehicle is cornering, data will be generated and sent as frequently as once per second. The increased precision when it matters most allows us to create route maps which are more accurate and reflect the real world journey as closely as possible, resulting in a more reliable and attractive route map for our customers. At the time of publishing, we know of no other company in the market which generates map data in this way.