Premier Tracking is the brainchild of three industry professionals, with varied working backgrounds - primarily in logistics and the provision of IT services (including hardware installation, network management and software design) across the UK, managed from a central hub. With efficient fleet management at the core of these business operations from the start of 1991 to the current date, the directors of Premier Tracking have been users of the telemetric industry for over 20 years. Over this period they have built up experience of the available telemetry solutions, as well as what is lacking from these solutions.

A sizeable gap in the vehicle tracking market was identified - creating a solution to service this gap became a primary goal, and through the application of the knowledge and expertise built up from their combined experience, Premier Tracking was born.

Mission Statement

To provide quality and value minded individuals / organisations with a premier, industry leading tracking solution, distinct from competitors for our service focussed ethic and helpful, friendly staff.